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Silvio Wind Quartet

Evolving from our Klaritet Quartet in 2013 this is one of our new and unique woodwind ensembles in the UK and proving to be our most popular with a host of wedding performances, classical engagements and workshop concerts. 


This group is a combination of either 2 Flutes, 2 Clarinet (Bass Clarinet) or Flute, 3 Clarinets. The Silvio Quartet has a very clear, crisp sound and does not become overly dominating, particularly in small venues. This makes it perfect for background music. 


Just as verities as our other groups it has become our most in demanded particularly as a wedding quartet due to its adaptability from ceremony music to background meal music. 


Along side there numerous concert performances appearances in the UK including Swale music month and The Avenue Theatre there are many other UK dates pending.


They are ideal for anyone that is looking for a group with a bit more variety in tone colours from a traditional quartet that has 4 identical instruments e.g. Clarinet, Saxophone or String quartets.

We can provide wedding musicians in Sheerness,Sittingbourne


What we perform

Popular wedding requests

Any Hymn that can be found in a Hymn book
Air on a G string - Bach
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba – Handel
Ave Maria - both Gounod and Schubert
Canon - Pachelbel
Fantasia No. 4 - Byrd
Minuet and Trio – Boccherini
Salut d'amour – Elgar
Sinfonia - Bach
Traumerei - Schumann
Wedding Marches:-

Wagner and Mendelssohn

Classical Music

Adagio – Albinoni
An Afternoon in Vienna - Rozelaar
An Evening in Vienna - Rozelaar
Ave verum Mozart

Cantabile - Tartini
Eine Kline Nachtmusik
In den angenehmen bushen - Handel
Largo - Handel

March Militaire - Schubert
Nutcracker suite
Pavane - Faure
Perpetuum mobile - Strauss

Selections from Carmen - Bizet
Selections from Children's Corner – Debussy

Along side specially written pieces and Jazz and Ragtime music.

Soundcloud Audio

Recent Performences


Sheppey Little Theatre - A joint concert with Klaritet quartet and Silvio Quartet in The Sheppey Little Theatre in October 2014.


Sheerness Promanade Festival - This seen our Klaritet, SIlvio and Viva Sax quartet perfom. 


Flynns Bee Farm - During the summer months the Silvio Quartet did a number of performences at this great out dooor venue.


Avenue Theatre - A joint concert with Klaritet quartet and Silvio Quartet as part of Swale Music Month in collaberation with Swale Arts Forum.


Fluxus Workshop Concert - pART Project Sittingbourne.

If you have any questions or would like an exact quote please contact us and we will get back to you usually with in 24 hours. 

You can also book us via Midsummer Music's website simple click the button below 

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