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Our other projects

When we are not teaching or perfoming for concerts or events we are found doing the following:-

Pupils Concert - we had a performence from our intro to piano pupil along side an Alto Sax pupil, 2 clarinet pupils performing and our older adult performing two clarinet trios accompanied by Klaritet performers.

East Kent Clarinet Choir - We regularly play and support the East Kent Clarinet Choir in their play day which hapen twice a year.

Kent Clarinet Quartet - Craig Parrott was lucky enough to win a principle seat with the Kent Clarinet Quartet a newly put together quartet to tackle very demanding chamber music and new music from up and coming composers. More news on this is to follow.

Swale Woodwind Groups - with our commitment to ensemble playing we are trying to set up community woodwind ensembles such as:- Recorder ensemble, Clarinet ensemble, Sax ensemble and mixed woodwind ensemble. So if you are based in the Swale area please do get in touch if you are interested.

Woodwind in the Church - is our anual event to promote ensemble performing. 2016 sessions we had a recorder ensemble workshop, Clarinet Ensemble workshop and a Trio and Duo performence.

In the past we have supported the British Asian Music Society for performances for Weddings, Product Launches and promotions

Where possible we try and support community projects. The pictuer on the left was support for Swale arts forums pART project.




Demelza House - we recently performed with Demelza as a thank you meal for there 200 volounteers and looks like we will be performing more with these nice people.

Artists in the Woods - our Viva Saxophone Quartet were performing at this artist festival at Oare Gunpowder works in support for Swale Art Forum.

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