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Clarinet Quartet
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Clarinet Quartet
Clarinet Quartet
Klaritet Quartet
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10th December - Astor Theatre, Deal Concert Series.

Recent Performances

St. Michael's Recital Series - We were lucky enough to be offered a space in this busy recital series.

Artists in the Woods, Oare Gunpowder works - A performance featuring our Clarinet and Sax Quartets.

Dementia Awareness Tea Party -

Klaritet were performing a mix of music to help with Dementia Awareness event in Sittingbourne.

Holy Trinity Church - Quartets and Trios

Klaritet quartet provided a classical concert with a special commissions from Canadian composer Emily Gray. .

Throwley Queens birthday celebrations 

Klaritet provided background music through out the day

Holy Trinity Church - A performance by our Klaritet Quartet - October 2015

Sheppey Little Theatre - A joint concert with Klaritet quartet and Silvio Quartet in The Sheppey Little Theatre in October 2014.


Sheerness Promanade Festival - 2014/15/16 - This seen our Klaritet, SIlvio and Viva Sax quartet perfom. 


Avenue Theatre - A joint concert with Klaritet quartet and Silvio Quartet as part of Swale Music Month in collaberation with Swale Arts Forum (picture above)


The Harmony Trust - World War Show case saw our Klaritet Quartet perform background music for their meal


Fluxus Workshop Concert - pART Project Sittingbourne.

If you have any questions or would like an exact quote please contact us and we will get back to you usually with in 24 hours. 

Klaritet Clarinet Quartet

Klaritet has been performing for weddings, background music for meals along side numerous concerts in and around Swale. As well as running our clarinet master classes and clarinet lessons. 


After playing in other clarinet quartets such as 'Clarinova', 'Staplehurst Quartet' and 'Swale Clarinet Quartet' in 2010 I decided to start my own after others had ceased performing as I loved the music and the warm sound you can only get from performing in a clarinet quartet. 


The Clarinet has always been one of the most versatile instruments ever created playing in almost every musical genre. Being extremely flexible, an extensive useable range and with a nice warm sound and tone for a song like quality to a powerful dominating sound idea for jazz and being a soloist among other ensembles.

The Clarinet Quartet blending 3 Clarinets and a Bass Clarinet makes this an extremly versitile and useful ensemble. Able to play almost any classical music that a string quartet can perform and also Jazz/easy listening music with a warmer, richer and and resonating sound. You can get an ensemble with a huge range of music.


It is idea for intimate background music as well as a wedding quartet for ceremony and reception music or funeral ceremony music, background music for meals, foyers garden and retirement parties and classical concerts. 

A sample of what we play

Wedding/background music

​Air on a G string - Bach

Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - Handel

Canon - Pachelbel

Fantasia No. 4 - Byrd

March Militaire - Schubert

Minuet and Trio - Boccherini

Wedding March - both Wagner and Mendelssohn 


​An Afternoon in Vienna - Rozelaar

An Evening in Vienna​ - Rozelaar

Carmen Overture - Bizet

It Isn't Easy Being a Cuckoo Suite

Kiddy Litter - Trad.

​March of the Liquorice Stick - Hawley

Selections from Children's Corner - Debussy

Send in the Clowns - Sondheim

The Circus Bee - Fillmore

Turkey in the Straw - Trad.

​​Yesterday - Lenoon and McCartney



​Festival Rag - R. Russo
Oh When the Saints go Marching In
Boogie for Woody - Hawley
Tango for Liza - Rozelaar
Clarinet Rag - Woodfield
Two Sleepy People to watch over me
Moon River
Hopscotch - Rozelaar

Quartet repertoire

​​Bagatelle - Grundman
Caprice for Clarinets - Grundman


Hungarian Dance No. 5 - Brahms
The Latvian Clarinet Polka - Trad.
Polish Dance No. 4 'Krakowiak'
Roumanian Folk Dances - Bartok
1 - Joc Cu Bata
2 - Braul
3 - Pe Loc
4 - Buciumeana
5 - Poarga Romaneasca
6 - Maruntel
7 - Maruntel
Waltz from Symphony No. 5 - Tychovsky

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